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Werner Koch wk at
Wed Nov 8 16:28:25 CET 2000


you are talking a lot about improvements, new features and libraries
but I have not seen much code.  Most bug reports are from the
department hey-it-does-not-work-please-fix-it.  There are only a few
folks here who are sending detailed bug reports, looked at the code
and sent me suggestions on how to fix it.

Sure, even those simple bug reports are welcome and I appreciate the
work you are all doing.  However, if you look at the AUTHORS file
and the ChangeLogs you might notice, that there are not that many
folks working on GnuPG.  Important work on 1.1 has been delayed so
much due to the fact that I have to maintain 1.0 and discuss this
boring library thing over and over.

Please consider to do some real work and stop this discussions.  I
am already working on wrapper library because I need it for
Evolution and other stuff.  There are a lot of gpg related projects:
Evolution, Mozilla, GPA, PT, Sylpheed, iButton, GNUTLS .... which
all need more good workers.  And legal papers are not required for
all of those projects.


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