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Sun Nov 19 19:39:07 CET 2000

NEW BUY OPINION: European American Resources, Inc. 
Symbol: EPAR (OTCBB)
Recent Price - $.375 52 Week Range - $.21875 - $1.6875 
Estimated Float - 5.9 Million Shares Outstanding -
16.2 Million Shares 

Gold mining stocks have been a neglected group during
this great Bull Market.  Many financial advisors
suggest putting a small percentage of a portfolio
(3-10%) into precious metals as a hedge against
inflation.  With oil prices hitting multi-year highs,
we are advising purchase of European American
Resources (EPAR), currently trading near the low for
the year.

EPAR'S largest property in Nevada is located
right between two successful gold mines operated by
Homestake Mining (HM-NYSE-5 5/8), one of the top gold
companies in North America.  EPAR recently agreed to a
joint venture with HM, where Homestake is financing
100% of the drilling costs.  If the digging is
promising, European American could be a takeover
candidate at a high multiple to the current price.  In
fact, HM has acquired three of the last five companies
that they entered into similar joint ventures with. 
Also, Nevada is known as one of the lowest-cost areas
to mine gold, and EPAR'S Prospect Mountain property is
right next door to HM'S Ruby Hill, which runs at a
rock bottom cost of $64 per ounce to mine gold.

Our philosophy is to buy stocks with the potential of
doubling over a short-term period.  After they reach
the doubling point, we advise selling half of your
position, so the remaining shares are in your
portfolio on a "FREE" basis.  We recommend buying EPAR
at any price up to $1.50 per share.

The Doubler has received a fee of 5000 shares of
European American Resources, Inc. 
common stock for the writing and distribution of this
report. The Doubler and/or 
its affiliates currently own shares of EPAR, and may
buy or sell shares at any 
time after the dissemination of this report. Because
the publisher owns this stock, there may be a conflict
of interest in The Doubler's statements and opinions. The 
Doubler is not a registered investment advisor,
broker or dealer. Purchase of this 
stock may be considered speculative, and may result in
the loss of some or all of any investment made. 

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