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>> still got the old expiration date. With pgp desktop for win9x two
>> keys with the same keyid showed up and this probably cousing the
>> program to report error messages "warning: bad parameters" every

>Which version of PGP?  Looks like a PGP problem.

Versions actualy.
At least
pgp desktop v. 6.0.2
pgp desktop v. 6.5.8

I encountered the problem when trying to verify files from the Linux Kernel Archive. They use gnupg to sign the files and the old key was generated in oct 1999 and expired on the 5th this weekend. They reset the expiration date to 0 (no expiration).
The win pgp desktop versions seem to have some trouble with this method.
After updating the keyring it seems there exist two keys with the same unique keyid! There goes unique.
This is probalby causing the error messages (I get two every time I use my keyring) and the problem with the expiration date staying the same.

The kernel archive admin has revoked the old key on 10/10 and generated and distributed a new, one but I hope al versions of pgp software will handle keys with updated expiration dates with gnupg in the near future.

hope this info is usefull.

sorry for my poor 'English'

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