gpg 1.0.3 on Solaris w/ large file support

Lars Hecking lhecking at
Tue Oct 17 15:18:07 CEST 2000

> Right, so in the end, the way you write the code determines which flags
> you actually need. There are circumstances where it makes perfect sense
> to use that transitional interface.

 But is gpg such a case?

>  LH>  I could be totally off track here, of course ;-)
> No, you are not. I've been playing around with it myself, only to find
> out that I don't know enough about this. Now, after some reading I'll be
> looking at it again (hopefully this week). The above remarks look good
> to me.

 Good. I'm very much in your position ;-)

> Hm, trouble is we want to have it in the distribution. If I understand
> Werner correctly, only very small patches (like 3 lines or so) can be
> accepted. For longer stuff, you need to sign some legal papers to
> transfer the copyright to the FSF. I think, a good way to proceed might
> be that you explain to me what you have done already (like the above
> list), so that I can reprogram it and start from there.

 There isn't much to it, really. I'll send it to you in private email.

> Right, if we have it compiling *and* working for Solaris, Werner
> suggested we make a snapshot and have some HP-UX guys help us out. I
> don't have access to any of the above systems so I can't try it.
 Sounds good. Keep me posted then.

> PS. Lars, always interested in the same stuff as me, right?? :-)

 That's purely coincidental :)

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