gpg 1.0.3 on Solaris w/ large file support

Tim Mooney mooney at
Tue Oct 17 16:54:57 CEST 2000

In regard to: Re: gpg 1.0.3 on Solaris w/ large file support, Lars Hecking...:

> It compiles nicely on 32/64bit Solaris, but doesn't on IRIX/HP-UX/DU.
> I _think_ that I have problems compiling gpg on these platforms anyway ...

I've found no compilation problems related to largefile support on either
DU/Tru64 or IRIX64.  That makes perfect sense, since you don't need to do
anything on either of those platforms to get largefile support.  Hopefully
your patch doesn't break things on either of these platforms.  ;-)

AFAICR, the only compilation problem with 1.0.3 on HP-UX was related to
largefile support.

You've already said (in a later post) that you're using Paul Eggert's
largefile autoconf macro -- that's good, and that's what I and others have
recommended to Werner.  Thanks for working on the problem.  If you're looking
for someone to test on a few platforms, contact me off-list.

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