Porting gnupg to Mac OS X: Problem:"gpg: fatal: idea encryption (0) failed"

Dirk Schwarzhans dirk.schwarzhans at epost.de
Wed Oct 18 17:54:15 CEST 2000


I am currently porting gnupg to Mac OS X/Darwin. After some trouble I was finally successful in getting  the support for dynamically loaded modules to work!

Trying to decrypt a pgp2.6-generated message using the unsupported idea module leads to the following message:

> gpg: NOTE: cipher algorithm 1 not found in preferences 
> gpg: fatal: idea encryption (0) failed 
> secmem usage: 2016/2816 bytes in 4/9 blocks of pool 2976/16384 

What went wrong? Does this indicated an error in porting gnupg to Mac OS X or has this problem another cause?

Thanks for any help,


PS: Because I'm not (yet) on the mailing list please respond to the above address.

Dirk Schwarzhans
Email: dirk at kalium.physik.TU-Berlin.DE (MIME and NeXTMail welcome)
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