No GnuPG library for now (was: Feature Suggestion)

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On 19 Oct, Werner Koch wrote:


I find that a very short-sighted view. gnupg is _not_ small and will
never expose sufficient interfaces in a command-line form. I'd like to
be able to use gnupg to do far more complex things than it already does.
Are you going to provide _everything_ on the command line?

The reason that Mozilla and Evolution are hard to build is because they
tried to put too much functionality into one program. I just want to
provide _small_ programs which provide variant functionality similar to

For example, I'd like to make a small program which enables me to edit
PGP files in a more advanced manner -- adding/removing subpackets,
subkeys, etc. I doubt you really want to dedicate your time to this (and
all the other) project(s) which people might want.

As for interfaces, that can be worked on. Here's an overview of the

* List all functionality in the system
* Partition the system into modules
* Define the exposed part of each module
* Define the inter-module dependencies
* Create the API for the modules

And voila! If you do it right, you end up with a very usable system
which is not complex, not bloated, and not monolithic. Would anyone be
interested in helping me do this?

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