application/pgp RFC

Nathan Thompson-Amato ndt at
Sat Sep 2 06:11:28 CEST 2000

> On 2000-08-31 17:57:33 -0500, Taral wrote:
> > I don't think application/pgp is standard.
> It isn't.  There may be some ancient internet-drafts describing it,
> but it never made it to RFC level (which is a good thing).  Bad
> enough, it's still commonly used, with all the problems it brings.
> For guidance on how to implement it, please look at elm-me+ or mutt.

But is it worth implementing?  RFC 2015 seems to provide equivalent
functionality, it's an actual RFC, and (this is the important one)
it's already implemented in my favorite client :-) .  Are there
 plans to update mutt and elm to support RFC 2015?  Do any other
 major email clients use application/pgp?  If mutt and elm are the
 only throwbacks, I'd much rather help update them than backdate

Thanks again,


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