application/pgp RFC

Sam Roberts sroberts at
Sat Sep 2 20:42:48 CEST 2000

Quoting Nathan Thompson-Amato <ndt at>, who wrote:
> > On 2000-08-31 17:57:33 -0500, Taral wrote:
> > For guidance on how to implement it, please look at elm-me+ or mutt.
> But is it worth implementing?  RFC 2015 seems to provide equivalent
> functionality, it's an actual RFC, and (this is the important one)
> it's already implemented in my favorite client :-) .  Are there
>  plans to update mutt and elm to support RFC 2015?

RFC 2015 is supported by butt, as well as application/pgp (with
a note about it being heavily discouraged). Don't know about elm.


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