DEFECT: Signatures Not Always Deleted

Michael J. Pedersen marvin at
Wed Sep 6 14:53:15 CEST 2000

Short description of problem:
When using the delsig routine, signatures are not always totally removed

Steps to reproduce:
1) gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 01E74468
2) gpg --edit-key 01E74468
3) At the 'Command> ' prompt, type delsig.
4) The only sig which you should try to delete has keyid 4E98D834
5) save and quit
6) gpg --list-sigs 01E74468

The output from step 6 will show that keyid 4E98D834 is still a signing key,
even though it should have been deleted by the above procedure.

This has happened for me on both empty, and full, keyrings. Unfortunately, due
to another patch which I've been working on for gpg, I don't have a patch for
this bug. However, I do have a feature I'll be submitting a patch for later

I'm not on this list, so please feel free to email me at
marvin at

Michael J. Pedersen
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