hang on keygen

Adam Wozniak adam at cuddle-puddle.org
Wed Apr 25 03:17:02 CEST 2001

I've got a Pentium II, 450MHz, 256M RAM running Win2K
I have administrative permission on the machine
I've tried three versions of gpg, from 1.0.1a through 1.0.4, all
misbehave the same way

When trying to --gen-key, it hangs indefinately after entering
the passphrase a second time.

I've left the window open for as much as 5 minutes while
performing other tasks.
I've left the window open for as much as 1 minute while banging
on the keyboard in that window.
In all cases I have to ctrl-c to kill the app and get the command
prompt back.
In some cases (banging on the keyboard) contents of the keyboard
buffer get dumped into the command line after I hit ctrl-c.

I've used PGP on a linux machine, so I think I understand how
this is supposed to work.
I expect gen-key to take several seconds, but minutes?

Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I searched all the usual places, and
could find nothing like this.

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