Photo ID patch, version 3

David Shaw dshaw at
Fri Aug 3 01:09:02 CEST 2001

Hi folks,

I've finished v3 of the Photo ID patch.  Thanks for all the feedback.

V3 adds a bunch of new stuff:
    * --no-show-photos to override a show-photos option in the config

    * You can now sign a photo ID with either a v3 or v4 key.

    * You can now add your own photo IDs from the edit menu with the
      "addphoto" command.  The new ID is automatically self-signed.
      "deluid" can delete a regular UID or a photo ID.

There is also some more info on how to use different programs to
display the photos.  It is good to use stdin instead of a temp file to
avoid a potential swap-the-temp-file race on a multiuser box.  There
is also a sample of how to use your MIME viewer to view the photos.

This is starting to look pretty cool.  A few more releases and it
should even be stable. ;)


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