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V Alex Brennen vab at
Fri Aug 24 20:49:01 CEST 2001

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, M. Drew Streib wrote:

> I'm just curious as to the status of the PostgreSQL keyserver that
> was announced here earlier.
> I'm still running into serious problems with the inability of the current
> keyserver to accept certain keys, and am also really looking forward to
> being able to perform standard SQL queries on the data.
> Any news? I'm still available as a beta tester.

Hi Drew,

Sorry, I'm a slacker.  I haven't done much in the last month or
so due to a job change, classes/finals and a new girlfriend.
But, I'm about to start pushing really hard for a final release.
It looks like I'm going to have support from my new employer
(IBM business partner) to get this project deployed - so I
should be able to start really focusing on it.

I hope to have a new snapshot of the code this weekend and a final
release some time in the next couple weeks.  The out standing
issues are the following:

- Rewrite the packet parsing code (it's missing some packet types)
- Finish Up Sync Code
- Write a bulk import system
- Write a better logging system into the code (err log file, etc)
- Read a config file for the cks_config struct (ip info, db name, etc)
- Fix subkey key id generation bug (minor)

As you can see, all the stuff left to do is pretty minor.  I'm working
on the packet parsing stuff now and will commit on that soon. But, I'm
open to suggestions on how to do the error/event logging - I don't
really know the best way to do that and I wanted to avoid taxing syslog.
The roadmap is 0.0.5 hopefully this weekend, then a 0.2.5 beta, 0.2.x
stabilization releases, and finally a stable 1.0.0.

I have set up a project page on Savannah ( for
the project which includes a world readable CVS repository, a mailing list
for developers, a mailing list for admins of cks keyserver nodes, a bug
reporting system, and all the other sourceforge goodies.

The Savannah page is:

The mailing lists are:

I'd be very greatful for anyone who would like to participate and
help get this software finished and out there!

It's really very close to finished, I've just been very busy

		- VAB

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