OpenPGP library?

Dr. Evil drevil at
Sat Aug 25 02:45:01 CEST 2001

> There's been talk about putting OpenPGP functionality into OpenSSL.

It would make a _lot_ of sense.  OpenPGP is for any kind of message,
not just mail, and so it needs to be able to be linked into a lot of
different programs.  Unfortunately, my C/C++ skills are very weak, so
I'm not up for it.  However, I will probably work on some OpenPGP
stuff in java, because I'm porting a lot of what I'm doing to java.
Fortunately, GPG is great stuff, so it might not be too hard to turn
it into a library.  I saw on a FAQ somewhere that someone thought that
would be bad "for security reasons" but that is obviously not a good
way to think of it.

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