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Jonathan Hayward -- jshayward at
Mon Aug 27 19:13:01 CEST 2001

I've got a Tcl extension working, and I'm building a simple Tk demo.  I
was wondering if someone on the list could furnish sample batch-mode
syntax to do the following in batch mode (no stdin or stdout, all IO
either in files or arguments/exit codes):

Sign the file foo with the private key contained in file bar and
passphrase blorg.
Verify that the signature to foo was made by bar's public key, rod.
Encrypt foo with rod.
Decrypt the encrypted version of foo with bar/blorg.

What are the command-line arguments to do these in batch mode? The man
page doesn't seem to document a way to specify passphrase on the command
line; if it's not in the program (so people won't see a passphrase via
ps or w), what's involved in putting such an option in? (It would be
safer here, in that the arguments to a Tcl extension are not in public

Jonathan Hayward
jshayward at
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