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Jonathan Hayward -- jshayward at
Tue Aug 28 21:30:01 CEST 2001

In my Tcl extension, I'm trying to add an option --passphrase
<passphrase>.  I've added oPassphrase to the enum and the options list
and told the extension to take the passphrase from the argument.

However, the extension believes there's an error.  When I run tclsh and

% load g10/
% gpg --passphrase foo -sign bar

I get

gpg: Invalid option "--passphrase"
[returned exit code] 2

What are the steps involved in registering an option with the argument
parser? It looks like I've left something out.

Jonathan Hayward
jshayward at
(A four dimensional maze, stories, essays, artwork, and other things...)

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