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Andrew Marlow apm35 at
Fri Dec 14 16:18:02 CET 2001

Florian.Weimer at rus.uni-stuttgar writes:
>Stephane Corthesy <stephane at> writes:
>> I'd like to know if there is a roadmap for the development of gpg  
>> and gpgme: when can we expect which features? I've read the TODOs,  
>> but there are no dates...
>It's hard to predict when a volunteer will show up to implement a

I know :-(
I am interested in the roadmap because I would like to request a feature.
Sadly I do not have the skill to volunteer a code solution.

What does the GPG community think about providing a stealth utility for
GPG, similar to the one that exists for PGP 2.6.n ?

At the moment PGP scores over GPG for me just because of this utility.
This is because I live in the UK where it has become important to hide the
fact that one uses cryptography. This is because of the RIP law which
allows the authorities to serve you notice that your crypto-key be
surrended. Failure to comply results in a 2 year jail sentence. GPG may be
better than PGP for several reasons (open source, no ADKs etc etc) but
this is no good to me if it can't be stealth'd.


Andrew M.

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