setting up environmental variable?

Tie Kan tie.kan at
Mon Dec 24 18:29:01 CET 2001

>> Later in step
>> Gpgme_op_encrypt
>> I get "General Error", which I believe to be a direct consequence of
>> "No Recipient" error. 
>Ehm, I would like to get the clarification of the above before saying
>something about this.  If something fails before op_encrypt, yes, this
>return General Error.  But if the problem is that the key can not be
>it should be op_encrypt that fails with No Recipient, and nothing else.
>gpgme can not know that the recipients can't be found until it actually
>asked gpg to encrypt the data.
I take what I said back. 

The "No Recipient" error occurs when "gpgme_op_encrypt" is called. Later
when I call gpgme_data_read (I did not exit the program when an error
occurs), I get "General Error". The program I am using for testing is
attached. This program works fine. (The inconsistency I mentioned before
is more likely due to I tried to manually set GNUPGHOME and
user_key_name in code and confused myself than gpgme library is not

What I have been doing is writing a customized module for proftpd, which
encrypt all the ftp put files upon uploading. The ftp user will be
jailed to its home directory after login. (That's why I am so obsessed
with chroot) 

When I tried to incorporate the encryption script to my proftpd module,
I get the error of "No Recipient" when the code reaches
"gpgme_op_encrypt". I do believe it is because I do not know where I am
after chroot. As a result, the GNUPGHOME directory is not exactly what I
set it to be. I am going to try to list all the keys I have to see
exactly which keyring I am using ...

Thanks for your help and have a happy holiday!


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