GnuPG key storage on Palm?

Andy Steingruebl steingra at
Mon Dec 24 18:42:01 CET 2001

I'm trying to determine the feasibility of storing keyrings on a palm pilot,
and doing any private computation there.  I've seen a few discussions of
this topic come up, and mostly they said "a PDA is too slow for the
necessary operations."  I haven't however seen much formal treatment of the

Ideally I'd like to do the same thing for GnuPG that Balfanz and Felten did
for PKCS#11 in their paper:

I believe the GpgAgent work might solve part of the problem, if PKCS#11 and
PKCS#15 support evolves for GnuPG, then I'd just need a PDA that supports
these and they should interoperate. What is the status of this work?

I realize that a PDA might be too slow a device for the task. Would it be
possible to use GnuPG with a remotely keyed encryption scheme so that the
PDA could do the "secure" part of the computation while leaving the bulk of
the work to the host/desktop computer?  Please keep in mind that I'm not
very knowledgable about crypto, though my initial reading seems to indicate
that you'd need to use different algorithms, but I figured its worth asking.

Pointers to documentation and or project pages appreciated.


Andy Steingruebl
steingra at

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