GnuPG key storage on Palm?

Simon Josefsson jas at
Wed Dec 26 15:12:02 CET 2001

Werner Koch <wk at> writes:

>> I believe the GpgAgent work might solve part of the problem, if PKCS#11 and
>> PKCS#15 support evolves for GnuPG, then I'd just need a PDA that supports
> I more and more come to the conclusion, that pkcs 11 and 15 is not
> what we want for gpg-agent; 

There is work in progress to support "advanced tokens" with PKCS#11
though, tokens capable of displaying the data about to be signed --
such as if the private keys was only stored on the Palm.  See the
draft PKCS#11 amendment:

> a main goal of those standards is to allow independent proprietary
> applications work together

The goal is to provide a API to devices with cryptographic information
that are capable of performing cryptographic operations.  Support for
PKCS#11/PKCS#15 in GNUPG could be useful, I think.

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