gpg bug decrypting conventionally encrypted messages

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Mon Feb 5 12:04:08 CET 2001

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> >    encrypted.  If no packets of these types precede the encrypted data,
> >    the IDEA algorithm is used with the session key calculated as the
> >    MD5 hash of the passphrase.
> I think I should implement it when it is in the draft.  Due to the
> patent problems there is no IDEA support.  The symmetric encryption
> was the first piece I wrote and I replaced IDEA by BLowfish - even
> before I know about OpenPGP and the new packets.  I guess that is
> the reason that there is no support for this.  I will test whether
> IDEA is available and then use it instead of the default cipher -
> using MD5 should be no problem at all.
>   Werner

why not just try all ciphers if cipher is not known ?

that's what my modified PGP 2.6.3ia-c version does.
(I added cast support to PGP 2.6.3ia)
If IDEA fails it just trys CAST5

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