Wrapper Writing Question

Nicholas Cole nicholas.cole at university-college.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Feb 13 04:06:07 CET 2001

Although many of the main functions of GPG can be accessed through the
command line directly, there are certain things, such as altering the
trust asigned to a key which are not so easy to get at.  I was wondering
if there was an accepted and approaved way to do such things.  I have
looked at the source code for gpa and such programs, but C is not my
"first language"--it looks to me as if the wrapper is simply supplying
the input to the gpg menu, fooling it into thinking that a user is
actually at the keyboard typing it in, but I am slightly at a loss to
see how the wrapper knows if gpg is ready to accept input.  I would
greatly appreciate any pointers in this reguard (and a cc of the reply,
if any!).

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