GPL'd OpenPGP Keyserver

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Tue Feb 20 04:06:25 CET 2001

"V. Alex Brennen" <vab at> writes:

>I've made a great number of improvements over Marc's design, including RDBMS
>ties to increase speed, better key handling, socket based syncing with other
>keyservers (rather than POP email based), etc...

I looked at this in some detail when I wrote my own code to do this, the
results were published at last year's ACSAC conference,, with a somewhat longer version available from my
home page, (look for "certificate
store", it should be about halfway down the page).  The paper looks at ways to
access the RDBMS, tuning things for fast access/lookups, etc etc.  It's for
X.509 certs, but since I just treat them as opaque blobs (which is about the
most useful thing you can do with them) it should work just as well for PGP


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