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 vab> This discussion should probably be continued by any interested
 vab> parties off the gnupg development list since it does not
 vab> relate directly to gnupg development.

Feel free to discuss it here unless it ends up in holy wars.  The
topic here is technical - there are lot of other places to discuss
philosohical things (e.g. discusion at

There is another free keyserver called EKA under development by
Marcel Waldvogel ( and his team.  There
is a paper on it somewhere under his publication list.  Len probably
knows it, Marcel presented his ideas last year at the Utrecht
keyserver symposium.



The GNU project is about freedom and this also does mean that we grant
everyone the freedom to use the software he likes.  Surely, we are
encourage people to use only Free Software, but whether they do it or
not is entirely up to them.

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