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Len Sassaman rabbi at
Thu Jun 7 21:44:01 CEST 2001

On 7 Jun 2001, Werner Koch wrote:

> There is another free keyserver called EKA under development by
> Marcel Waldvogel ( and his team.  There
> is a paper on it somewhere under his publication list.  Len probably
> knows it, Marcel presented his ideas last year at the Utrecht
> keyserver symposium.

Yes, I do know it. I'm waiting for Marcel to say it's more finished before
I look at it further, but it looks quite promising. If I recall from his
presentation, it goes a long way toward solving the key synchronization
problems we're encountering now.

> p.s.
> The GNU project is about freedom and this also does mean that we grant
> everyone the freedom to use the software he likes.  Surely, we are
> encourage people to use only Free Software, but whether they do it or
> not is entirely up to them.

And, as Werner knows, I am a strong supporter of free software. But I am
an even stronger supporter of open standards and interoperability. There's
a lot of confusion about OpenPGP and its implementations. The idea that
keys are implementation specific is false, does no one any good, and only
serves to add more confusion to the issue.


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