RPM spec file for GPGME

Tim Jackson tim at timj.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 00:07:02 CEST 2001

Bart wrote:

> I would like to get this spec file.  I am working on a project that uses
> libgpgme.so, it would be nice if I could direct people to a d/l site for
> the gpgme rpm.

I'd be glad to send anyone the spec file.  I strongly feel that a spec
file should be included with the 'official' distribution, or at least be
available from the site (preferably in the form of a source RPM, but that
requires someone to maintain it - I'm offering to do it).  However, I'm
not a GPG developer, so I'd like to hear their opinions on it.

If there is some overriding reason why a spec file cannot possibly be
included in the main tarball or on the site, then I'll happily maintain a
spec file (and possibly RPMs) on my own site, and you can point people to
gnupg.org to get the GPGME source tarball, and to my site to get the spec
to compile it (or the RPMs).  Even in that case, it would be good to have
a link to the site with the spec file on from the main GnuPG site.

Any opinions would be welcome.

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