g10.c and gpgv.c

Jonathan Hayward jshayward at pobox.com
Fri Jun 22 02:23:01 CEST 2001

Are g10.c and gpgv.c not intended to be used together? When I first
tried to make a Tcl extension wrapping (a renamed) main, I tried to link
everything in, and got a large number of linking errors.  Then I decided
to start by trying to link in g10.o, and add files when tclsh complained
about them being missing--and construct a minimal working subset.

When I tried to add gpgv.o to the list of files to be linked, the linker
complained about several conflicting definitions between the contents of
gpgv.o and what had previously been defined in g10.o--the sort of thing
that suggests two attempts to define the same function/macro.  Can
anyone point me to the documentation (or explain) that'll tell me what I
need to know to resolve this? It's looking for fast_random_poll, defined
in gpgv as void fast_random_poll() {}, and I could silence the message
by copying to another file/commenting out much of gpgv.c, but I'm
hesitant to take ad hoc measures to silence an error message I don't
fully understand.

Jonathan Hayward
jshayward at pobox.com

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