new snapshot

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Mar 27 16:23:02 CEST 2001


there is a new GnuPG snapshot available.  Some bugs are fixed, a lot
of things changed, a protection against the Klima/Rosa attack has
been implemented, expiration checking should work better now, some
things are slower, some things are faster. (1760k) (360k)

MD5sums are:

05a19beabdc999e00030be2a5f877315  gnupg-1.0.4d-1.0.4e.diff.gz
a199155d8c19b80e73cd5e6fa9394191  gnupg-1.0.4e.tar.gz

You might want to check it out and tell what's broken.
I have not yet checked out whether it compiles under Windoze, but if
it still does keyserver support is available under Windoze too.



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