CryptNET Keyserver Version 0.0.1

V. Alex Brennen vab at
Thu May 3 07:03:01 CEST 2001

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First release, CryptNET Public Keyserver:

"I could swallow the seas to wash down all this pride..." 

                - Fiona Apple, _Sleep_To_Dream_

Don't run 0.0.1.

Basically, it's really really crappy code.  Sorry.  This is
more like a snapshot than a release really.  There are some
memory leaks (with subkeys) and stuff and even an overflow.
It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to get all
the key parsing and packet code debugging done - merging was
hard.  I've got some newer code on my HD that is in better
shape - fixed overflow and leaks, lots of clean up. The 0.0.1
release is against postgres 7.0, so I didn't even really bother
with the table/schema design.  Also, it doesn't include cksd
(the daemon).  I do have a good schema, a version which works
with 7.1 and some newer daemon code.  I'm just finishing up
and testing the OID stuff.  It will be out as 0.0.2 or 0.0.3
very very soon.

I'm not looking for patches until I can do some clean-up,
some merges, and clean up the source tree.  I've got my
last final at the end of this week, then I've got a week
off to do some serious hacking before next semester 
starts.  Give me to the end of that week to get CVS opened
up and a stable source tree then I'll be more than happy 
to take lots and lots of patches.  8-)

The code will get better soon I promise.  I wrote most of
it so I know it well.  I used some GnuPG code, but I went
with a key based model rather than a packet based model
as Werner did so that the code was (I hope) a little
easier for novices like me to read/work with. 

I would have held off a little longer until I could get
cks working with 7.1 and all debugged but I'm already
way past when I promised I'd release and there are people
who are working on GPL'd keyserver stuff and I wouldn't
want them to have to duplicate effort.

Sorry it's not better code...

	- VAB
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