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Tue May 8 10:40:01 CEST 2001

--- Joachim Herb <herb at> wrote:

> I would like to ask you, if there are plans to add gpg support to
> mozilla. At the moment in the mozilla project support for a pgp plugin
> is added (see bug 22687
> ). I think it should
> be possible to add gpg support in the same way. This gpg support is
> important especially because this plugin comes from Network Associates
> and hasn't even been released until now.

Probably this is sort of religious issue, but I am not sure that there
is any sense in having PGP/GPG/any_crypto in a MUA so large and
apparently beyond any control now. Code audit of a mail client that is
so much integrated and so full of features might be a problem. Use
of PGP/GPG in environment that is not known to be secure would be
only misleading. I typically use external tools to do crypto and
then copy/paste the ciphertext as needed, so the untrusted browser
(or MUA in this case) never sees the plaintext; the crypto tools
are simple and easy to audit.

At the moment I only want one thing from Mozilla - that it would start
on this box (ThinkNIC, MediaGX 200 MHz, 530 BogoMIPS) within 1 minute.
As of now it takes more than a minute to start, and it is hardly usable
overall, so I am typing this in Netscape. Renderer in Mozilla is surely
faster, but "overall browser experience" is not. So instead of adding
stuff to Mozilla I would actually remove some... but as I said, this
is my own opinion, subject is hot and I heard many _other_ opinions
about that already :-)


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