gpg support for mozilla

Nils Ellmenreich Nils at InfoSun.FMI.Uni-Passau.De
Tue May 8 15:21:01 CEST 2001

>>>"t" == tftp  <tftp at> writes:

 t> --- Joachim Herb <herb at> wrote:
 >> I would like to ask you, if there are plans to add gpg support to
 >> mozilla. At the moment in the mozilla project support for a pgp plugin
 >> is added (see bug 22687
 >> ). I think it should
 >> be possible to add gpg support in the same way. This gpg support is
 >> important especially because this plugin comes from Network Associates
 >> and hasn't even been released until now.

I don't know of anyone who's working on it right now. Werner has once
done a patch relative to M17, but that one wasn't fully functional. I
would think it might be best to let folks who are working on Moz bug
22687 sort it all out first. If they've completed it and it turns out
they sticked more to PGP rather than OpenPGP, it still shouldn't be too
difficult to put GnuPG support in there as well.

 t> Probably this is sort of religious issue, but I am not sure that there
 t> is any sense in having PGP/GPG/any_crypto in a MUA so large and
 t> apparently beyond any control now. Code audit of a mail client that is

That is a problem, but you've still got the security on mail
transport. That's the major objective for most people anyway. Possible
issues with MUAs usually refer to locally exploitable weaknesses. You
might not be willing to risk it - fine. But others still might, and they
will want to use it. Since Mozilla will be getting PGP support, it'd be
foolish for the GnuPG project to stay aside.

Cheers, Nils
Nils Ellmenreich, Lst. f. Programmierung, Universitaet Passau, Germany

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