Bug: 1.0.5: High-ASCII characters in user IDs not properly displayed

Thomas Gebhardt gebhardt at HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE
Mon May 28 16:14:01 CEST 2001


> I think this is deeper than the character set actually. The question
> is, is it a bug in PGP or GnuPG that causes it?

RFC 2440 says:

3.4. Text

   The default character set for text is the UTF-8 [RFC2279] encoding of
   Unicode [ISO10646].


   Currently defined Armor Header Keys are:

     - "Charset", a description of the character set that the plaintext
       is in. Please note that OpenPGP defines text to be in UTF-8 by
       default. An implementation will get best results by translating
       into and out of UTF-8. However, there are many instances where
       this is easier said than done. Also, there are communities of
       users who have no need for UTF-8 because they are all happy with
       a character set like ISO Latin-5 or a Japanese character set. In
       such instances, an implementation MAY override the UTF-8 default
       by using this header key. An implementation MAY implement this
       key and any translations it cares to; an implementation MAY
       ignore it and assume all text is UTF-8.

It seems that NAI PGP doesn't use UTF-8 and doesn't set the
Charset header key. As far as I can see this violates the

Gnupg reads the key and interprets the text as UTF-8.
Maybe gnupg should provide a "--broken-naipgp option"
used for key import?

Cheers, Thomas

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