No warning on 'gpg -a -o somewhere.gpg -s -r someone <file>'

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Nov 9 08:53:02 CET 2001

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001 23:24:10 -0800 (PST), Len Sassaman said:

> Why not? (Or, are there any plans to implement this? Are there objections
> to implementing this??

No time.  If someone is going to pay for that, I will do it.  No,
actually I'd like to have it.

> Interesting idea, though. "local user ids." AFAIK, there's nothing in
> OpenPGP that would prohibit this... though I could see users getting

I have considered to allow a signature from an ultimately trusted
key to act as a self-signature.  But it is too complicated.

Another way might be to put an alternative name into a key signatures
as notation data.


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