No warning on 'gpg -a -o somewhere.gpg -s -r someone <file>'

Dr. Evil drevil at
Fri Nov 9 09:11:01 CET 2001

> Interesting idea, though. "local user ids." AFAIK, there's nothing in
> OpenPGP that would prohibit this... though I could see users getting
> upset if other people were able to export these addtional key ids.

MUAs should handle this, but many (like rmail) don't, so "local user
ids" would be fantasticly useful, so I don't have to manually type the
"encrypt to" addr every single time I send my friend an email.

Anyway, all the encryption stuff should be separated from key
management stuff and all that should be in libraries which can be
linked in to the applications that need it.  This is how OpenSSL
works, which is why we have OpenSSL support in tons of programs, from
Apache to cURL.  Also this is how all the java encryption stuff
works.  I could really use some kind of OpenPGP lib that I could
access from Postgres to produced encrypted reports, for instance.

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