Sig classification, version 2

David Shaw dshaw at
Tue Oct 16 00:38:02 CEST 2001

Here's version 2 of the sig classification patch I sent in yesterday
(thanks for the comments, everyone).

It contains everything that was in version 1, with some better help
text, and it also shows a few other pieces of information about the

  1-3 == amount of verification in the signature (just like before)
  L   == local signature (e.g. made by "--lsign-key").
  R   == signature is non-revocable.
  P   == a policy URL is attached to this signature.
  N   == a notation is attached to this signature.

You can use the --show-policy-url and --show-notation options to
display the policy or notation (in a --list-sigs or --edit/check).
There is also a --no-show-policy-url and --no-show-notation for the
folks who like to override their config file on occasion.

--fast-list-mode disables everything except the 1-3 levels of
verification (which don't cost anything to retrieve).

Comments welcome.


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