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Fri Sep 7 17:36:03 CEST 2001

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Sorry if you see this message twice, but I thought it was good for 
both lists and I know not everyone is on both:

Okay, I wasn't originally going to post this here, because I thought 
it might not be appropriate for the list, but after some convincing 
I'm posting it here anyway.  Hope no one gets offended.  :-)

Anyway, the Mac GPG project has released a beta of GPGME 0.2.2.  It 
is a framework (so you probably should officially call it 
GPGME.framework to avoid confusion with GPGME; that's what I do) that 
allows any OS X developer access to GPGME via an Objective C wrapper. 
We need people to check code and test it for holes.  As always, the 
more eyes the better.

And, yes, I know GPGME is beta quality itself and I've warned folks of this.

You can check it out at 
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