EMailserver with encryption?

Volker Tanger volker.tanger at
Tue Sep 18 11:04:01 CEST 2001


Stefan Erras schrieb:

> I just want to know: what do you think about a virtual email server
> (running on the local machine of the user) which encrypts all emails
> automatically? This would make things a lot easier and more portable,
> because every email-software around could use such a server without a
> special plug-in. On the other hand, I would prefer such a solution
> because I think emails are quite save on my locale computer-system so
> they could be saved decrypted by my email client (this would also allow
> me to read my email without entering my password everytime). The
> software should work the following way: Email client -> local email
> server (encryption)-> internet email server -> internet email server ->
> local email server (decryption) -> email client.

Isn't that exactly what GEAM does?

Available on the GnuPG ftp server or its mirrors, e.g.



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