Key listing errors in GPGME 0.3.4

Gordon Worley redbird at
Mon Apr 15 22:01:01 CEST 2002

I have some bad news about GPGME 0.3.4.  I was just rebuilding GPGKeys 
with some bug fixes and I had yet to build it with 0.3.4 since it wasn't 
available the last time I worked on it.

Under previous versions of GPGME, there was a bug where some keys would 
not list.  The error is that the key returns with no name and e-mail 
address, even though they show up fine at the command line when running 
gpg.  The problem just got a lot worse.  The machine I'm on has 66 keys 
in GnuPG's public keyring, but only 9 of them list correctly!  The rest 
lack a name and e-mail address when returned through GPGME.

I considered a trust issue, but my default key doesn't display correctly 
anymore either.

I'm running GPGME 0.3.4 and GnuPG 1.0.6.

Any ideas what's causing this and fixes?

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