bug#1154: BUG: gpg CVS tress fail to build as documented

Hugh Daniel hugh at road.toad.com
Wed Apr 17 11:52:01 CEST 2002


  Werner, honestly this is pitiful.  I reported a bug that is quite
real and simple to reproduce (happens with ALL RedHat-7.2 systems, one
of the largest Linux distros out there) and you don't even want to
recognize it as even as a bug and sweep it under the carpet (just like
a bug... :r).

  Please consider a more 'engineering' style of development where
user bug reports are more seriously valued and investigated. Your
current development style is damaging your reputation for being able
to do quality software as I am getting privately ridiculed by other
security folks for even still BOTHERING to try to work with you and
GPG, which is not good.

  You can always succeed by simply being the 'default' easiest choice
and thus ending up on most machines that way, but this is the about the
way one Mister Gates got _his_ reputation for fine quality and well
engineered software...

  I hope it's obvious that I am pushing for GPG to be useful (ghods I
want to get rid of PGP...) and not just trying to trash GPG for fun.
None of this is PGP/GPG mess is 'fun' anymore.

Good luck.

		||ugh Daniel
		hugh at freeswan.org

			Systems Testing & Project mis-Management
			The Linux FreeS/WAN Project

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv
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