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> On Sat, Apr 20, 2002 at 06:04:19PM -0300, Renato Martini wrote:
> > 

Hi David!

> > When the Photo Id capability was released by David Shaw in the GnuPG
> > devel mailing list, I tried this useful feature. I used with success
> > the patch, and now the 1.0.6e source code.  I generate a new keyring
> > with photo id, but the GUIs availables (GPA, Seahorse...) don't work
> > with it, they don't handle the "new" keyring: or destroy it or don't
> > recognize it.  So, this new feature will can prevent the GUIs to
> > work?
> Unlikely.  The photo id data does not change the keyring format.
> However, GnuPG 1.0.6e itself does change the keyring format so that
> 1.0.6 will no longer read it (this is discussed in the release notes).

I didn't create a *new* keyring, my text was not correct. I used the patch in the last year, a long time ago... I remeenber that I used the edit-key menu, and put the Jpeg photo id ("addphoto" command)  in my old keyring... I made various tests with this, and finally  I used an interface (I don't remeber the exactly program) and at this moment my keyring wasn't handle by the GUI. But,  I thought we must waiting for a stable release with theses features, and I didn't worry with it even more...

> Is it possible your GUI is still using GnuPG 1.0.6 to try and read the
> keyrings that you were using with 1.0.6e?

Perhaps, I don't know... 
So, when the gpg 1.0.7 will be released, a stable code with the photo id, will we must generate a *new* keyring? Generate a type of new "1.0.7-keyring" incompatible with an old "1.0.6-keyring" ?   That is my question.

Best regards


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