Mingw32 startup?

Marko Injac marko.injac at mai-consulting.si
Thu Aug 8 11:02:02 CEST 2002

I appologize if this will sound a little off topic...

Somewhere in documetation of WinPT 0.5.13 (I think) I found interesting
reference to Mingw32 cross compileing possibility. Compile on Linux -
Run on Win32. I hope I will be able to use it myself as documetation was
quite old reffering to obsolete egcs compiler. I do have relatively wide
>20 lang. but not so system deep programming experience.

I have spent two days in various attempts to compile latest stable and
unstable versions of GPG with idea.dll modul. Unfortunately without
success. Tried Mingw32 on Linux and on Cygwin-win32.

I would be very happy to start using mingw32 for Win-XX as honestly that
would I trust most for mission critical stuff I am planning to do in the
following year. Unfortunately I am forced to run part of the future
project in Windows as there are no unix programming options for one
critical SDK. I hope I will be able (first time) to make one minimal
CORBA server on Windows and migrate all the rest to normal computer -
read Linux.  :-)

Can anybody give me some guidance on Mingw32 startup, preferably for
cross compileing on Linux. Redirection to some other resource is also
very welcome.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards
	Marko Injac
! Marko Injac, B.Sc., Sp.Mngm.
! mailto:marko.injac at mai-consulting.si
! Kornvagen 23 / 131 ; 23238 Arlöv; Sweden

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