Mingw32 startup?

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Thu Aug 8 17:04:02 CEST 2002

The easiest way to get started with mingw is to install cygwin32 on a
Windows development machine.  See <http://sources.redhat.com>.  Try
something simple first.

The important compiler switch is -mno-cygwin which disables the Cygnus
compatibility library.  When you compile for mingw, you won't have
access to all of the convenient POSIX API entry points.  You also may
need to set the --subsystem linker switch.

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 10:02:37AM +0200, Marko Injac wrote:
> I appologize if this will sound a little off topic...
> Somewhere in documetation of WinPT 0.5.13 (I think) I found interesting
> reference to Mingw32 cross compileing possibility. Compile on Linux -
> Run on Win32. I hope I will be able to use it myself as documetation was
> quite old reffering to obsolete egcs compiler. I do have relatively wide
> >20 lang. but not so system deep programming experience.
> I have spent two days in various attempts to compile latest stable and
> unstable versions of GPG with idea.dll modul. Unfortunately without
> success. Tried Mingw32 on Linux and on Cygwin-win32.
> I would be very happy to start using mingw32 for Win-XX as honestly that
> would I trust most for mission critical stuff I am planning to do in the
> following year. Unfortunately I am forced to run part of the future
> project in Windows as there are no unix programming options for one
> critical SDK. I hope I will be able (first time) to make one minimal
> CORBA server on Windows and migrate all the rest to normal computer -
> read Linux.  :-)
> Can anybody give me some guidance on Mingw32 startup, preferably for
> cross compileing on Linux. Redirection to some other resource is also
> very welcome.
> Thanks a lot.
> Best regards
> 	Marko Injac
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