Mingw32 startup?

Marko Injac marko.injac at mai-consulting.si
Thu Aug 8 18:05:02 CEST 2002

elf at buici.com wrote:
> The easiest way to get started with mingw is to install cygwin32 on a
> Windows development machine.  See <http://sources.redhat.com>.  Try
> something simple first.
> The important compiler switch is -mno-cygwin which disables the Cygnus
> compatibility library.  When you compile for mingw, you won't have
> access to all of the convenient POSIX API entry points.  You also may
> need to set the --subsystem linker switch.

Thanks for so fast answer.

One of those two days I spend trying to test compile GPG was spend using
cygwin32 on win98 machine. I followed directions and makefiles-scripts
in GPG source. If remember right the last error I had was related to
nonexisting reference to something like NT_RANDOM function. I gave up as
at the moment I do not have time and strong enough hardware to make
installation of my Win2000 worthwhile.

It was about two weeks ago and I was forced to mingle Cygnus install
database quite a bit to force instalation of mingw32 module, which was
disabled by default in redhats packet install database. On FTP servers
can one find two versions of Mingw32 but install database lists no
packet as an install candidat.!?

Anybody uses Mingw32 to crosscompile on Linux? I found make running in
cygwin development environment SOO SLOOW compared to make running on
Linux. Last interesting info I found was in readme file in 
http://www.nullify.org/mirror/mingw32-cpd-0.3.0.tar.gz  by Werner Koch
<werner.koch at guug.de> as of 17.01.01 (gcc-2.95.2 and binutils >= 2.9.1
). Is this the latest working _Linux_cross_compile_ environment?

I think my attempt to compile last GPG beta with idea modul would be
quite good entry step in mingw32 environment usage. + leaves privately
usable "byproduct". :-) 
Has anybody succeded in something similar? Win32-Cygwin or Linux make.

Thanks for any hints.
! Marko Injac, B.Sc., Sp.Mngm.
! mailto:marko.injac at mai-consulting.si
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