Janusz A. Urbanowicz alex at
Thu Aug 15 23:39:02 CEST 2002

David Shaw napisał[a]/wrote/schrieb:
> I tracked down the problem some people were having with the OKS
> keyserver (the one that runs
> It seems that contrary to the HTTP spec, this server responds
> immediately after the first CRLF instead waiting for the second one
> that terminates the request.  Essentially this means the server starts
> sending a response before the query is completed.
>   [dshaw at claude ~]$ telnet 11371
>   Trying
>   Connected to
>   Escape character is '^]'.
>   GET /pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x68FDDBC7 HTTP/1.0
>  <-- should have been an extra blank line here -->
>   HTTP/1.0 200 OK
>   Content-type: text/html
> This is a bug in the server.  I can probably jimmy up a fix to make it
> work with GnuPG anyway, but there is only so much that can be done to
> work around the problem.  It really needs to be fixed in the server.

A workaround is to use HTTP proxy between the slient and the OKS server.


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