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Wed Aug 21 16:04:02 CEST 2002

* Eric M Krause <w0d3n at> [020821 08:45]:

> Right now we are using gpg for the key transfer, and then we use rc5
> from there.  I guess that will follow into my next question:  We are
> trying to add more functionality to gaim-e.  Right now the rc5 code was
> written by the original developer.  It has serious endian issues.  Is
> there a library that is as easy to use as gpgme out there that could do
> rc5, rc6, twofish, blowfish etc?
openssl has libcrypto; which has

(from crypto(3))
           blowfish(3), cast(3), des(3), idea(3), rc2(3), rc4(3),


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