adding another UID to an existing key keeps wrong date!

clemens fischer ino-qc at
Tue Dec 10 18:15:02 CET 2002


i just added a new user-id to an existing key (a few minutes ago).
the listing does not show the current, correctly set date on it.

here's the key, which i also uploaded to public key servers in europe:

gpg: NOTE: signature key 3436A95C expired Fri Mar 15 21:10:02 2002 CET
pub  1024D/214190AF 2000-08-29 clemens fischer <ino-qc at>
     Key fingerprint = B843 FD9A 59B5 3581 4E9E  65A6 A5D9 6B67 2141 90AF
sig 3       214190AF 2002-12-05   clemens fischer <ino-qc at>
uid                            clemensF (no 1) <rabat at>
sig 3       214190AF 2001-10-27   clemens fischer <ino-qc at>
sig       X C935FB3D 2001-06-26   TC TrustCenter Class 1 Private CA
sig         2B693EBF 2001-10-08   Jörg P. Dietrich <uzsv7x at>
sig         68D8B67E 2001-10-08   Lukas Beeler <lukas.beeler at>
sig         A76CC5E1 2001-10-18   clemensF <ino at>
sig         8F926461 2001-10-20   [User id not found]
sig         A8F603D7 2001-10-21   Joan Picanyol i Puig (pica) <joan at>
sig         8A92B45C 2001-10-03   Niels Fischer <n_fischer at>
sig         CCAEAB54 2002-03-30   J. Chris Coppick <jchris at>
sig         3436A95C 2001-10-04   J. Chris Coppick <jchris at>
sig         F0311FD8 2002-11-06   Raymond Scholz <rscholz at>
sub  1024g/3F059397 2000-08-29 [expires: 2004-10-26]
sig         214190AF 2001-10-27   clemens fischer <ino-qc at>

ino-qc at was just added!

gpg: key 214190AF: accepted as trusted key
gpg: key FF6FF64D: accepted as trusted key
gpg: NOTE: signature key 3436A95C expired Fri Mar 15 21:10:02 2002 CET
pub:u:1024:17:A5D96B67214190AF:2000-08-29:2004-10-26::u:clemens fischer <ino-qc at>::scESC:
sig:::17:A5D96B67214190AF:2002-12-05::::clemens fischer <ino-qc at>:13x:
uid:u::::::::clemensF (no 1) <rabat at>:
sig:::17:A5D96B67214190AF:2001-10-27::::clemens fischer <ino-qc at>:13x:
sig:::1:9754F952C935FB3D:2001-06-26:2002-06-26:::TC TrustCenter Class 1 Private CA:10x:
sig:::17:24A1BECC2B693EBF:2001-10-08::::Jörg P. Dietrich <uzsv7x at>:10x:
sig:::17:7D4D0A6768D8B67E:2001-10-08::::Lukas Beeler <lukas.beeler at>:10x:
sig:::1:F351EA70A76CC5E1:2001-10-18::::clemensF <ino at>:10x:
sig:::1:073143588F926461:2001-10-20::::[User id not found]:10x:
sig:::17:E9BFD660A8F603D7:2001-10-21::::Joan Picanyol i Puig (pica) <joan at>:10x:
sig:::17:FCE780D58A92B45C:2001-10-03::::Niels Fischer <n_fischer at>:10x:
sig:::17:BB7E686ECCAEAB54:2002-03-30::::J. Chris Coppick <jchris at>:10x:
sig:::17:CBCF47C93436A95C:2001-10-04::::J. Chris Coppick <jchris at>:10x:
sig:::17:0606DA01F0311FD8:2002-11-06:2004-10-26:::Raymond Scholz <rscholz at>:10x:
sig:::17:A5D96B67214190AF:2001-10-27::::clemens fischer <ino-qc at>:18x:


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