GPGME import

Gordon Worley redbird at
Mon Jan 28 15:44:01 CET 2002

Hi, I've found the following bug in GPGME and I'm pretty sure that it 
hasn't been fixed in 0.3.0 (I can't check just yet since the wrapper on 
OS X for that version isn't done just yet).

GPGME imports keys just fine.  I read in data from a file and then GPGME 
will import the key data, if any, without a hitch.  The problem is when 
I pass invalid OpenPGP data into GPGME.  Basically, it doesn't 
complain.  There should be some kind of error code returned when the 
data I passed is invalid and can't be read.  As it stands, the only way 
to tell if something successfully imported is to compare the keyring 
before and after (both ugly and slow).


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