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Fri Jul 12 09:48:01 CEST 2002

hey all--

so i was sitting talking to a friend, and we were thinking that it'd
be a great thing to have a gpg-agent in a style similar to ssh-agent.
i was sure that someone must have already come up with this idea,
so i did a bit of looking, and all i could find was 

an ambigious reference in man gpg:

                 Try to use the  GnuPG-Agent.  Please  note  that
                 this  agent  is  still  under development.  With
                 this option, GnuPG first tries to connect to the
                 agent before it asks for a passphrase.

another ambiguous reference in the main README:

    If you use the option "--batch", GnuPG runs in non-interactive mode and
    never prompts for input data.  This does not even allow entering the
    passphrase.  Until we have a better solution (something like ssh-agent),
    you can use the option "--passphrase-fd n", which works like PGP's

and finally a reference in NEWS that told me to rtfm.

i did some more poking around and found an 'abandoned-v-1-2-0' tag
on that has some kind of source code (year and a half
old) for a gpg-agent.c, though i haven't read the source thoroughly
enough to know if it even is doing what i think it might do.

so, what i'm wondering is: is there any work being done on an ssh-agent
like agent for gpg?  if so, what's the status?  if not, who would i talk
to about helping? :)

thanks for your time, sorry to clutter so many inboxes
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