Key Deletion

Robert J. Hansen rjhansen at
Sun Jul 14 22:02:01 CEST 2002

I saw this Q on the list a little over a week ago, but haven't seen any 
responses to it.  Has anyone gotten back to Thanga on this?

(Original email address, if people need it--agnaht at mmocsadim.moc.  You 
should be able to figure out the spamfiltering.  :) )


> I created two contexts - one for listing the public keys..
> 			 another for deleting the matching keys..
> I am trying to delete the matched key from the current keyring
> during the list operation. I found the gpgme_op_delete() succeeded
> without any error. But when i checked in command line using 'gpg',
> the deleted key still exists in the current keyring...
> how to delete the matching keys(using pattern/username)??
> help me for the same..


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