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Sun Jul 21 13:02:11 CEST 2002

* Robert J. Hansen <rjhansen at> [020720 05:21]:

> I'm not a GPL zealot.  I just think that if the guy who's writing the code 
> is giving you the source code, is giving you unlimited use rights, 
> unlimited distribution rights, his only requirement is you have to share 
> the code, too... then the guy who's writing the code ain't doing you 
> nothing but right.

i understand entirely where you are coming from.  and from one
perspective, it also makes perfect sense.  however, enter corporations
who have IP to protect; perhaps their technology needs to be
proprietary in order to stay afloat.  after all, it is capitalism that
drives our very lives and provides our income.  as i said, i'm happy
if people just use my code, that's why i write it.  i would advocate
(and also find it a polite thing to do), to give me changes and
improvements back on my code, but i also understand that this is not
always possible.

anyway, this discussion is probably becomine more-than-slightly
off-topic for this list.  so private replies are likely to be
appropriate follow ups.


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